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Assorted Japanese food

KCP’s Andalucia Shares More of Her Fave Food from Japan!

Japan in the 16th century saw the introduction of fried foods in Japanese cuisine like tempura by the Portuguese and Dutch. With the renewal of trade with the West in 1854, the Meiji restoration period ushered in Western influence, leading to significant changes in Japanese cuisine. This era saw the emergence of yōshoku (洋食), or Western-style food, with many restaurants incorporating these influences.

Today, Japan boasts a rich tapestry of diverse and delectable feasts that captivate both the eyes and taste buds. The Japanese fast-food industry is experiencing rapid growth, marked by intense competition. Major fast-food chains showcase unique and sophisticated items on their menus to stay ahead.

Check out more of KCP’s Autumn 2022-Spring 2023 student, Andalucia’s favorite dishes during her terms of study in Japan.

katsudon“Katsudon is such a lovely comfort meal. This specific one is from Tatsuya, a small counter-only restaurant near Shinjuku Station. The workers are very friendly and very quick!”

takoyaki“The best takoyaki is in Osaka, which is where my friends and I got this huge amount of them. However, Tokyo has great takoyaki as well! It’s often sold as a street food at festivals, so you’ll be able to find it pretty easily.”

toast“Not necessarily the best food, but I always had a wonderful time going to Komeda in the mornings. They serve delicious, fluffy toast with jam for free with a purchase of coffee, so it was always nice to have!”


“Finally, Pronto, the classic after-school lunch option. It became a joke to my friends and I that we were required to go to Pronto after class, just because of how often we went. The carbonara pasta and salads are delicious though, so there’s good reason!”

There’s so much more Japanese food to try when travelling to Japan. Thank you for sharing, Andalucia!

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Read all about Japanese immersion learning and studying abroad. Check out our eZasshi archives for more articles!